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Lettre de motivation école architecture : comment la structurer ?

Lettre motivation école architecture
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By the time we arrive in final year, we are always eager to finish what we have already started to start something new, especially when we already know in advance what we intend to do. If you have always dreamed of joining an architectural school , you must put together 10MinuteBitcoin a solid dossier, nothing must hinder your chances of achieving your dreams. Therefore, we will explain how to write your cover letter .

The essential points of a cover letter

Generally speaking, a cover letter should reflect the deep desire you feel for something, no matter what field you want to be in. Know that to integrate an architecture school , your cover letter must be oriented in a certain way.

Don’t worry, we’ll give you the rules to help you write a cover letter that meets your motivation. And besides, the latter will be modeled on the models and advice that Archiprep, one of the best architectural preps in Paris , teaches its students. If, however, you would like to know more about this preparation, we invite you to click here .

Motivation letter for architecture school

You should know that a cover letter has the role of seducing and drawing attention to you, and this, through words, and besides, you must imperatively keep this in mind. Thus, to seduce, you must above all answer the basic concepts which are:

  • have a good command of the French language by paying attention to its grammar and spelling;
  • highlight your interest in architecture and briefly explain the particular attraction you have for this artistic science ;
  • mentioning the school in question as well as the big names who have come out of it, this will highlight your interest in the quality of the school ;
  • talk about yourself briefly and without overdoing it, as this may bore the reader;
  • be original and talk about your imperfections, but also your motivations to exploit them in the field of architecture.

Structure and harmonize your cover letter

Always keep in mind that there are going to be hundreds of cover letters that are going to arrive at the school of your choice, whether you are enrolling in an architecture school or a bts in sme management , and that you must make the difference . Therefore, once you have covered the points discussed in the paragraph above, you must then harmonize your text so that it does not 10MinuteBitcoin appear too heavy or too redundant.

To this end, we advise you, for example, to alternate between the paragraphs where you talk about your passion for architecture and the paragraphs where you mention your interest in the school in question. However, you need to be careful not to fall for certain clichés that will make you look pedantic.

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