Punaise de lit Pélissanne : comment les détecter ?

Punaise de lit Pélissanne
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Do you think your home in Pélissanne is infested by bed bugs ? Find out through this article, how to make sure of their presence and what are the necessary measures to treat them and get rid of them without any possible return.

The signs of the presence of bedbugs in your home in Pélissanne?

Everyone in Pélissanne is susceptible to being colonized by bedbugs! These small nocturnal insects in a flat oval shape paypal’s bitcoin problem will be able to crawl and burrow in places out of your reach, which makes their detection quite complex.
But fortunately, there are several clues that can attest to their presence in your home, including:

  • Traces of bites quite similar to mosquito bites, often in aligned or grouped shape,
  • black stains on your box spring, mattress or bedding, which represent the droppings of bedbugs,
  • skin or moulted remains that bedbugs leave behind when they change,
  • little streaks of blood on your sheets.

You will be able to see these small insects in particular during the night, they are the size of an apple seed, of a brown color, without wings, of a flattened oval shape.

Pelissanne bed bug

Bedbug eggs are another alarming sign, which you may see, although this is difficult given their small size of 1mm and their whitish color.

If despite all this, you cannot make sure of their presence, it is essential to call in a professional in Pélissanne. W e invite you to visit this page .

Where do bedbugs hide?

Bed bugs can hide in the darkest, tightest places of your bedroom. They initially favor the corners near their food, in particular the seams of the mattresses, the box spring or the pillows. Then will spread throughout the room, on the curtains, the cracks, the upholsterypaypal’s bitcoin problem , in the sockets and switches, behind the frames, in the furniture …

What treatment is required to get rid of bed bugs in Pélissanne?

Various treatments are required for the treatment of bedbugs, but to be effective these are often combined and you will need the help of a specialist who will be able to treat them quickly and in the best possible way by avoiding cases of recurrence. .

In fact, the fight against bedbugs begins with a mechanical treatment that you can do by yourself by vacuuming or by performing a steam cleaning and washing the laundry in the machine at more than 60 o C.

The second phase is to immerse the room in extreme heat or cold and finally the expert will apply the chemical that will overcome these tough insects.

Who to contact for the treatment of bedbugs in Pélissanne?

“Nuisibles expert”, a network of professional experts certified and approved in France, whom you can contact 7 days a week with the possibility of emergency prevention , whether  paypal’s bitcoin problem you are an individual or a professional in Pélissanne and its surroundings.

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